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African Christmas Care Package


  • A Wonderfully Curated Bundle to send as a Gift to your Friends and Family. This bundle includes: Puree - DeRica x1 Maggi 20 stars x1 Plantain (Ripe) x3 Pieces Scotch Bonnet x10 Pieces Puna Yam x1 Maltina x1 Jafro Small Chin Chin x1/Tabihitas (subject on availability) Plantain Chips x2 Milo small x1 Titus Sardines x1 Abuja Bread x1 Fanta x1 Coke x1 Ghana Taste Shito x1 Shloer White Grape x1 Shirely Biscuit x1 Baileys x1 Evaporated Milk x1
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