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Suya Spiced Seabass Recipe Bundle


  • Check out the Suya Spiced Sea Bass recipe video by @rukkiecooks here and cook along with her and someone special. Whether it’s with your partner, your favourite friend or your mother, enjoy a delicious meal with a recipe card and video to learn how to cook this!

    Enjoy Oja's gorgeous Recipe Bundle Box with a wonderful meal for 2 by none other than the lovely @rukkiecooks (https://rukkiecooks.com) - with 3 different options to make the entire meal perfect including prosecco and a beautiful luxury bouquet by So Stellar (https://sostellar.uk/) - both black owned businesses (and part of Oja’s Extended Family) . This recipe bundle box includes:

    • Ferrero Rocher x 1
    • Sea Bass x 2
    • Mango x 1
    • Garlic x 1
    • Rajah Turmeric Powder x 1
    • Scotch Bonnet x 1
    • Ginger x 1
    • Limes x 1
    • Fresh Coriander x 1
    • Cassava x 1
    • White Onion x 1
    • Spinach x 1
    • TRS Coconut Milk x 1
    • Papas Choice Suya Spice x 1
    • Honey x 1

    The options to add include; Prosecco or Prosecco + Bouquet

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